Seeking my Origins



Omar Kattan is a musician with impressive versatility. With its Syrian roots, it takes the art of Oriental percussion with it to the depths of its origins.


Long career as a musician in dance events (BellyDance). Hang Drum & Darbuka performances with DJs at events for Hotels (Hotel ME Sitges Terramar, Hotel W) conventions, private events.


He participates as a solo percussionist in oriental dance festivals throughout Europe. His style is characterized by improvisation on stage and animation with the audience.


Composer and musical creator of the releases Dum Raka Tak, Essence Drum Solo, Oriental Rhythms vol. I and A Song for the Earth. Composer of Drum Solos for Dance.


Teacher of Darbuka and World Music Percussions, in person, groups, Skype. Youtube content creator. Composer of commissioned musical pieces for commercial brands (Desigual).


What defines Omar is having learned percussion in a self-taught way, astonishing the audience with his show.



Compose is create  life by generating an emotion to those who receive the gift of appreciating music. Composer of musical pieces commissioned by Companies (Audiovisual, Documentaries, Feature Films, Advertising) as well as compositions for Dancers from the world of Arab and Oriental Dances.


Percussion Teacher


The deep knowledge of percussion acquired after years of study and training together with an innate gift for music make Omar a great connoisseur of percussion. The instruments he plays are Darbuka, Cajón flamenco, Congas, Bongoes, Timba, Daff, Riqq and many more. Teacher of Middle East, Flamenco and Latin percussions.


Belly Dance Percussion


Participating as a percussionist in Oriental dance shows, festivals, workshops and anniversaries throughout Spain. Intensive Darbuka workshops in Barcelona.

Composer and author commissioned for Oriental dance dancers. She has worked with dancers of great international recognition participating in the most prestigious Oriental dance festivals in Spain. He has performed in cities such as Sweden, Belgium, Hungary, France, Austria, Portugal, among others.